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Let’s protect out children!!

Let’s stop this!!


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Pope Francis stops his car after reading signs along the road for him to “stop and meet an angel” who was hoping to see him.


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Thank you all!! 

The “Ollas de barro” or “cazuela de barro” are the #traditional pans or casseroles that were more commonly used by the #Mexicans #grandmothers. 

Happy #Monday!! as promised here is the recipe for pickled #habanero #peppers. (click on the image)

#Happy #Friday with #GeorgetownCupcakes

#Quiote comes from the #nahuatl quiotl that means stem, well the quiote is the stem from the maguey, before that they peel the stem and then cook it in an oven, these pictures show the final and eatable result.

I love blueberries (mora azul), here an article with 10 benefits of #blueberries, in some parts of #Latinoamerica blueberries are mistaken with cranberries (arándanos) but they are very different. I hope this is useful for you, have an excellent day! 


#Huamiches are the #fruit from a #cactus called sweet biznaga (biznaga dulce). This fruit can only be purchased during spring and summer. You can prepare flavored water, jelly, #popsicles, ice-cream, etc. If you visit #Mexico try it!